Lewis and Twitter – No Disrespect Intended!

So Lewis Hamilton is in the news – again – after an ill-considered post on Twitter. It’s about time he grew up. This sort of ridiculous spat should have been left behind in the school playground. It’s puerile, pointless and frankly ridiculous. I’ve had people explain to me that Twitter can’t be dismissed as irrelevant, that it is a form of communication, just like talking: nonsense. If Hamilton thought Button was showing him disrespect, why didn’t he ask him about it, face to face, man to man? You need more than 140 characters to make a conversation.

Twitter is for kids and celebrities with over-inflated egos; to that end, it suits Lewis Hamilton very well. The difference between his tweets, and those of Button, are easy to see – the latter are clearly written by someone who has thought about the message in terms of PR, not on a personal level. It is sporting, after all, of him to congratulate Kamui Kobayashi on his podium finish in Japan and, given that Jenson, thanks to his Japanese girlfriend, is very popular in Japan, it is also a cleverly thought out PR move.

Hamilton needs to take a good look at himself and how he is perceived; Twitter is not a place for airing personal grievances, even those that turn out to be erroneous in their origin. There has been a lot of talk of this sort of thing being a ‘breath of fresh air’ and of drivers having the right to speak their mind; this wasn’t Hamilton speaking his mind, it was him crying about something of no relevance at all. So what if Button had unfollowed him (he hadn’t)? You’re an adult, not a kid, get over it.

I’m a big fan of Hamilton the racing driver; he’s a major talent and is great to watch. Instances such as this one make me wonder who advises him on his PR. If I were him I would – at the very least – employ someone to formulate my Twitter posts for me. Or, even better, don’t bother with it at all.

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One Response to Lewis and Twitter – No Disrespect Intended!

  1. I wonder how Mercedes will deal with a PR bomb called Lewis Hamilton. McLaren couldn’t control the guy even with the most strict PR department around.

    – Kes

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