As We Head to Korea…..

“I can see at least one manufacturer returning to the scene, and I would wager it be Honda.”

Not one to blow my own trumpet, but that was written here last week. Now, it seems, a senior Honda board member has hinted that it would be ‘nice to go back’. He was speaking personally, rather than for the company, but it simply reiterates what I said about the new engine regulations – they are attractive to the motor manufacturers.

Another interesting quote comes from Sauber CEO Monisha Kaltenborn, a lady who has made something of a name for herself in F1 circles of late. She talks of a meeting in Paris later this month as being ‘very important’ in relation to the future of the sport. The meeting will see representatives of all 12 teams meet with FIA President Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone, with a view to hammering out a ‘future direction’ for the sport. That could be an interesting meeting indeed.

Much talk about Romain Grosjean and his first lap shenanigans. The lad is young, fast, and eager; granted, the sheer number of first lap incidents he has been involved in raises concerns, but not all of them have been his fault. Those at Spa and Suzuka undoubtedly were, however, and Eric Boullier, the Lotus F1 team boss, has said he needs to sort himself out. He does, but let’s not be too harsh on Romain; many drivers have endured frantic early seasons and gone on to settle down quite nicely.

Talking of Lotus, much is being made of THIS curious website. It seems that, in a few days, we will know the answer. I can tell you now: he’s staying at Lotus.

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