Thoughts on the Indian GP

If you’re waiting for the highlights show, look away. The Indian Grand Prix was by no means a classic, that’s for sure, and doubtless the chat rooms will be awash with complaints about it being a ‘crap’ race. Except, that is, for fans of Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel, who saw the driver team do what they are there to do – to dominate the race.

Of course, races where the order stays the same – pretty much, as Fernando Alonso did get past both McLarens and Mark Webber – are never going to be the most exciting, but at least there was some decent action down the order. Bruno Senna was very racy, for example, and deserved his point. The problem is that, now we are in the closing stages of the season, the status quo has effectively been restored. This is always going to happen thanks to the pace of development in F1 these days.

My view is that each race is a stand-alone event: I care not who wins, as long as they do so rightfully, and the World Championship holds no importance for me. I simply enjoy watching these cars race, and these drivers driving them. It’s not ‘boring’ that Vettel has won four races on the trot – it’s to be applauded, as it’s not easy to do. He is a sportsman showing the rest how it should be done, and with relative ease. Then there’s Alonso: started alongside team mate Felipe Massa, yet finishes half a minute ahead of him. That is, quite simply, pure class.

We are lucky to be able to enjoy the superb array of talent out there – Vettel, Alonso, Webber, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen and so on – and to be able to watch some great races: some, like this one, not so great.

Yet, it was far from crap, and certainly not boring; Red Bull did their job and it is quite possible that Webber would have finished second but for the issue with the KERS. However, watching the lap times in the second half of the race I reckon the Ferrari had the pace to take him on. Next, we head to Abu Dhabi, another circuit that will probably see a ‘crap and boring’ race, but after that it’s the virgin soil of Austin, Texas.

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