Austin, Here we Come!

So the time has come – F1 is about to wow America. From what I have been reading the lack of interest is quite notable, but we’ve been through that already. The Circuit of the Americas looks very impressive, especially the dramatic, blind apex first corner, and the facility has met with praise by many in the F1 world. That few in the USA will actually watch the race is a different matter.

For the record, this weekend also sees the NASCAR finale. It has been pointed out to me that a NASCAR fan is not your typical F1 fan, but I do happen to know many who watch both. If Bernie was trying to woo stock car fans to F1, he has clearly chosen the wrong weekend. As an aside, Mr Ecclestone was recently espousing the ‘ideal’ date for a French Grand Prix (to replace the slot vacated by the failed New Jersey race) as June 23rd. This is the same weekend as the Le Mans 24 hours.

Meanwhile, as F1 rumbles into Texas there is talk that the German Grand Prix may be in trouble for next year. The Nurburgring is in financial turmoil, and Hockenheim is not far behind. Mercedes Benz would be a mite disappointed if the race does not go ahead.

The problems at HRT continue, with the team admitting publically they have put it up for sale, and the strong feeling is that only 11 teams will be on the grid in 2013.

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