Who Will Win in Texas? Have Your Say!

So, we have a new track in a new-to-F1 city: who do you reckon will win? In the early part of the season it was impossible to pick a winner, but the momentum has been with Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull for some races now, despite his relegation to the back of the grid last time out.

Then there’s McLaren, who clearly have a quick car but don’t seem to be able to keep all the balls in the air. Lewis Hamilton is on form, without a doubt, and the race pace is there. What about Lotus, for whom Kimi Raikkonen took a popular, of fortuitous, win last race? Surely a podium is on the cards again?

Fernando Alonso has done amazing things this season with a Ferrari that has never been the cream of the crop. The team has been working hard on development in an effort to get their driver back to the top of the championship table. Could the unknown elements of Austin play into Alonso’s hand?

Finally, we have to consider Sauber, who have a car that many believe is held back by the drivers. That’s an unfair accusation in many ways as both Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi have put in some excellent performances, but on other occasions have been anonymous. If the Sauber suits the Circuit of the Americas expect them to be towards the sharp end of the grid.

Have your say – let me know who your tip for the win is this weekend.

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