Burn Baby Burn

In the aftermath of the success story that was the US Grand Prix in Austin, we turn our attention to the championship decider at the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Joe Saward has an interesting column here that gives you an idea of the problem currently facing the city, but the race goes on.

In the run-up to Brazil Lotus has announced a long-term sponsorship deal with the Coca Cola group to promote its energy drink, burn. Given the prominence of Red Bull this is clearly a good move, although the details are yet to be announced. I’m not familiar with the brand, so here’s the information they gave us:

“Burn is a category leader in the global energy drink explosion. The red formula is a symbol of active fire, that provides Guetta & Guetta and other drinkers the energy needed to leave their original vision on the world. Dismantling category norms, consumers embody a live-out-loud mentality, without fear of boundaries created by society. Burn is a brand of The Coca-Cola Company. Burn is available in over 80 countries worldwide.”

So there you go. Meanwhile, Force India has announced its board have agreed a £50million budge increase, and Sauber has informed us that they will be confirming their 2013 driver line-up over the weekend. Esteban Guttierez is hoping his Mexican money will give him the edge over the talented Kamui Kobayashi. The Japanese is quietly confident, however, that his seat is safe.

Talking of Mexico and Carlos Slim, Telmex boss, Sauber sponsor and reputedly the world’s richest man, is believed to have agreed to help fund a Mexican Grand Prix, purportedly for 2014. Sadly, the old Mexico City racetrack has been butchered with the classic Peraltada corner no longer usable. It is being suggested that a new facility will built for the race.

Sunday’s race will feature some interesting storylines; it is Lewis Hamilton’s last race with McLaren (at least for now) and he is on form and determined to go out with a bang; Michael Schumacher will mark his (second) F1 swansong; and it could well be the last time we see HRT on the grid.

If you want a good read in the meantime, check out Filip Cleeren’s excellent take on why the success of Austin may have serious repercussions for F1 in Europe at Fun Still Exists.

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