Vettel Hat Trick

So the season is over, and we congratulate the youngest triple world champion in the history of the sport. Sebastian Vettel made it three on the trot with a hectic if brilliant drive in Brazil, with rival Fernando Alonso giving it everything to finish second. It wasn’t enough for the Spaniard, but that should not detract from his excellent season.

Vettel is a worthy champion, without a doubt, just as Alonso would have been had he managed to usurp the German at the last hurdle. Red Bull delivered the goods where Ferrari – and McLaren – failed, and the points, in the end, tell the story.

It has been a great season, one with many excellent races, eight different winners, and some surprise results, and F1 has come through a difficult period looking pretty good as it heads towards a new era. 2014 brings turbocharged, small capacity engines, and a whole new ball game.

So, for now, let’ s spark some debate: who has been your driver of the year, and who deserves praise for quietly doing a great job out of the main focus of things? Let me hear your views.

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